Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Clipse - Mama I'm Sorry (Big Mike)

Little something off the new Big Mike 'The Sun Still Rises in the East.' Tracklisting and to buy HERE.

Clipse - Mama I'm Sorry (YSI / Zshare)

This Papoose song has some crazy use of Rick James for the sample in the beat..

Papoose - Bring Your Guns (YSI / Zshare)

Does LeBron want to be the King of NY (photo courtesy of Yaysports)? Possibly, I mean he for sure knows how to 'Fly High'
Overheard at the Cav's Knicks game the other night according to Dime Magazine,

"LeBron also scored 29. In one sequence ‘Bron scored two straight buckets, then came down and hit a three, and – according to one of our boys at the game – looked at Spike Lee on his way back and said “Baaaallin!!!” …

Don't forget the BET awards tonight. Katt Williams will be hosting and representing the Dips, Jimmy's doing We Fly High, Luda and Jeezy prove they have no beef and rap together, and Game does One Blood with Snoop, etc...