Friday, November 17, 2006

Jim Jones - Responds to Jay Z

For those new to the site, we like to keep a very close pulse on the Jay-Z vs Diplomats situation. We did it before, and we will do it again. In an interview with All Hip Hop Jimmy explained what is next.
"I’m gonna put my verse to it, then we got the official Jim Jones [and] Jay-Z remix. He ain’t even spittin’ right on that joint, so he kinda disappointed me ‘cause I thought he would’ve came harder. But for the people, I’m gonna put my verse on it tonight, so we gonna have the official Jay-Z [and] Jim Jones remix, and I’m gonna have it tomorrow."
Jimmy's reaction and what exactly the remix is going contain:
"I thought Jay was gonna try to get at me! That s**t bounced off me, that s**t was weak! He just helped my song out. He got me on the hook and all that, talkin’ ‘bout “Brooklyn!” - so I’m just gonna go “Harlem!” He wanna say “ballin’!” but he said, “Brooklyn!” - you see how he sounds? You coulda said “ballin’!” baby, if you wanted to do the remix, you could’ve done it for New York with me, we coulda did the New York thing. I wouldn’t have been mad, I understand what’s goin’ on around the world: New York gotta come back, but he went about it wrong. You can’t divide Brooklyn and Harlem, ‘cause I’ve got more n***as in Brooklyn than you. Shouts to Bed Stuy, shouts to Marcy, shouts to Marcus Garvey, shouts to Jefferson, shouts to Lincoln. Come on, don’t play with us, man! We out there, man."
Jimmy also breaks down this weeks charts:
"I don’t know if people understand what I’ve done this week, by shipping 300,000 units, I did 108,000 units – that ratio is incredible, understand? For me to be on an independent and to do 108,000 units in the first week is outta hand – not to mention that we do get seven [dollars and some change] a record, understand? So I just recouped and made a few dollars the first week, and next week, I’ll make all seven dollars off my records. It’s a big game goin’ on now, that I’m not mad at. I came in number one rap album, number one indie album, number six overall. I was lookin’ at the charts today… it’s funny though, ‘cause I was listenin’ to him on HOT 97, [and] he was sayin’ how [I’m] not in the top five rappers. Now, I’m on these things, which I’m gonna fax you so you can put ‘em up on the computer tomorrow. [Reading:] This is a BDS from HOT 97’s playlist, it says “We Fly High” is the number one record, getting played 98 times, and “Kingdom Come” is the number 11 record, getting played 38 times, “Show Me What You Got” is the number 14 record, getting played 34 times. [Laughs] The number two record is Snoop, what’s up Snoop?"
So in conclusion, by the end of today we should have a "We Fly High" Jim Jones Feat Jay Z remix to listen to.


Here is the entire NSFW Game photo shoot from Playboy. Enjoy.

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