Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive

I don' think there is anything Lil Wayne can do anymore that will surprise me. This picture comes from the booklet for his new record with Baby. Of course the fact that Weezy has a Greatful Dead belt buckle is pretty amazing but pay attention to Birdman's chest. IS THAT A LIL WAYNE TATTOO? Not that there is a damn thing wrong with it, but under that tattoo it should say "No Homo" unless of course you want people to get the idea. Shout to the Fader for the picture.

Here is another Wayne freesyle, this one over P.S.A. by Jay-Z from the 'Black Album' (which I heard was going to be re-released with 'Fade 2 Black')..anyway..

Lil Wayne - P.S.A. (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Here is a minute clip of JT and Timbo in the studio, it is nothing too special but if there are any Timberlake stans hanging around here this might make your day.

Justin Timberlake and Timberland in Studio (YSI)/(Z-Share)

When I hear Timberland in studio I can't help but think of this clip from 'Fade 2 Black'

Jay-Z has finally said something about Cam'ron.

this comes from the new issue of XXL.

Jay-Z: "[Cam'ron] You're not gonna win that war on the street"

XXL: Your harshest critic about the ROC fallout has to be Cam'ron. I know you've publicly dismissed his diss record toward you, but you must have gotten some satisfaction that the attack didn't take his career to the next level.

Jay-Z: "I'm happy that the world got to see that. That'll make everybody know that that isn't the way out. Everybody thinks that's the way out. You say something about somebody that's popular - just talk reckless, go kamikaze, whatever. Like, What are you gonna do, kill me ? Kill me ? [Laughs] Jay's not gonna kill me.

XXL: I know a side of you wants to laugh it off, but he must have gotten under your skin. Or anytime you hear about someone new goin' at you…..

Jay-Z: "Sadly, I expect that now. Anything. People are missing the whole sh*t - integrity. There are ways to go about it. Now it's like a whatever-I gotta-do-to-get-it mentality, with no ethics. Nastiness, bullsh*t, marketing. I expect it. It doesn't even anger me anymore. In the beginning, it did. I used to think about it, like, Why would you want to war with someone like me ? In the real world, it's dangerous. It's like going to war with Bush. He has too much strength and too much paper. You're not gonna win that war. There's no way around it. You're not gonna win that war in the street. You can't. Honestly. You're talking from a real guy perspective, this isn't entertainment. You just can't. He's too powerful. The paper's too long. Leave that guy alone. And on the entertainment side I'm powerful there, too. I get busy. I can really rap. I got classics. I got fans and an army."

Do you ever wonder if the 2006 Cardinals could beat the 2004 Cardinals? Or any other team vs any other team in any sport? Well then this site would be your dream. It provides all kinds of stats as well as player of the game. In case your wondering the 2006 Cardinals won.

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