Friday, November 17, 2006

Playstation 3

Stepping away from the Jim Jones/Jay-Z headlines and on to another major story of the day...

One of the readers of this site has now turned into a contributor. He works for a major video game company and from time to time he will provide a little insider knowledge of what is going down. With that being said here is his take on the Playstation 3:

This is not how my crew got our hands on a PS3.

Working for one of the biggest video game companies in America (HINT:FINISH HIM!) has a few perks. One such perk is getting our hands on a premium edition PS3 the morning of launch without having to camp out in line for days, paying off baseheads to hold our spot, or greasing Game Stop managers with a copy of Mortal Kombat:Armageddon.

Hardware launches are the biggest days in the videogame industry. Here in our companies testing lab, all of the executives are trying to stake a seat in our lab, to see what the future is all about.

The PS3 is really heavy and really pretty (no homo). Heavy duty. The biggest drawback is lack of HD composite cables. $600 system, a default Blu-Ray player, and you have to pay extra for cables to hook it up to your HDTV? Come on.

But that’s Sony. They have to make their money back any way that they can. As of right now, Sony is losing approximately $305 for every 20GB system, and $240 for every 60GB system. That’s a heavy L in numbers, especially in comparison to Nintendo, who will come right out of the gates making profit on every Wii. Balllllllin’

The game to get for PS3 is Resistance, an “alternate history” first person shooter. What does that mean? Think WWII vs Aliens instead of Nazis. It looks good, the controls are easy to pick up (the PS3 controller is identical to the PS2).

Is it worth the drama? Sadly in life, nothing really is.