Friday, December 08, 2006

The Main Event - Rap Battles

Who is beefing with who these days? It is really getting harder and harder to keep up with what is going on. It reads kinda like a card at Summer Slam or Wrestlemania. I left out lots of little things, this isn't a comprehensive list. Is it all these beefs that make 'Hip Hop Dead' or is it albums like 'Kingdom Come' that are supposed to save the industry and don't?

Clipse/Pharrell vs Lil Wayne
Word is that Clipse were on Angie Martinez this morning and said Lil Wayne should change his name to "lil lip gloss". I'm not even going to weigh in on this one too much. Weezy is the best rapper in the game right now and Clipse just put out a over hyped sub par record that debuted at number 14 on soundscan. If you missed it, this started with Lil Wayne calling out Clipse/Pharrell in the new Complex Magazine.

G-Unit vs Diplomats (Developing)
Last night was the Mixtape awards in NYC and I guess when Mick Boogie won his award things got a little out of hand (not many details yet). This was taken from All Hip Hop:
Mick Boogie was one of several DJ's who had the brief chance to accept his award, before a scuffle that allegedly involved members affiliated with Dipset and G-Unit had attendees heading for the exits.
Diplomats vs Jay-Z/Nas
I don't really need to get into this one, you already know. I listened to the Nas record thinking there might be some jab at Jimmy or Cam. I couldn't really tell, I thought he might have said something on the first track but it was so boring I didn't want to even listen to it again.

There was a report that Jimmy was also on Angie Martinez's show this morning dropped on Jay this "That 82 percent drop is disgusting." It isn't going to be long before the Dips keep prodding Jay.

Fat Joe vs Everyone (Battle Royal Style)
Have you heard the interview from Power 99 where Joey Crack calls 50 Cent and Jay Z Uncle Tom's?

Young Jeezy vs Nas
The audio from Young Jeezy with Monie Love is all over the place this morning. Eskay from Nah Right gives a nice summary of what took place as well as a link to some audio.

Raekwon vs Jay-Z and LL vs Jay (Might as well be a handicap match Rae and LL vs Jay)
Rae released an track that was labeled a diss last week and he was also seen in this video speaking against President Carter. This battle doesn't draw my interest at all. Go get em Rae.

LL is pissed that Jay didn't help as much as he wanted with his last release. LL is going to leave Def Jam and most likely put out a record with...G-Unit.

Dwayne Carter vs Sean Carter
As much as I love the possibility of the Dipset/Jay beef going 100% this is the one I wait for. If you are the G.O.A.T you take everyone down, you shouldn't be afraid of no one. You can kiss your dad on the lips and say it is mob shit, it doesn't matter because you are the G.O.A.T. Cam tried to take the crown last winter and now it is time for Wayne. This started with Wayne saying straight up that he was "better than Jay-Z". I think this battle is going to heat up. No question about it. I also think Dwayne will have diarrhea from eating Jay-Z alive.

What did I miss?

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