Monday, December 18, 2006

Nuggets - Knicks - Brawlinnnn

I know this video is all over the place and has been since Saturday night. Here are the facts and what we learned:
  1. Melo is by no means gangta, he hit and ran. First he runs to the other free throw line and hides behind players and then goes away into the stands with fans.
  2. Nate Robinson on the other hand is, he is 5'9 and gave J.R. Smith some.
The Nuggets better hope that they can get AI because the only real gangsta on that team is K-Mart.

I hope Isiah gets the biggest punishment for this, but he won't. He should get fired, make quick work of him. Here is one last image of Melo being a real hardbody.

Everybody in Minnesota is just curious how this will affect the AI to Denver deal that was being talked about Saturday morning. David Aldridge wrote:
A league spokesman said last night that while there was no specific language in the collective-bargaining agreement that would bar a team with suspended players from making trades, the league would likely have to review any potential deal involving a player on its suspended list.

The Nuggets have been engaged in serious discussions with Philadelphia about Iverson, trying to broker a three-team deal that would allow them to move enough contracts to take Iverson's $17.1 million salary.

Meanwhile, the Sixers continued to talk yesterday with the Minnesota Timberwolves, who appear to be their next-best hope for rerouting Iverson.