Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Juelz Santana's Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I received a friendly reminder of this filled with gift suggestions today from Mr. Bandanna from Santana's Town. Here are some ideas along with a short explanation for why your this would make your lady happy. This list goes to show two things about Juelz and his gift giving 1)He really wants to sell stuff via his site or 2)He has absolutely no idea what would make a good gift.

Diplomats Embroidered Thongs (pictured above) - These are of top quality material and the finest embroidery art making the perfect gift to your lady. Regular price $19.99, currently on sale at $13.99 (for a limited time). If I got these for my girlfriend and she actually wore them would I brag about this to my friends? I don't think so. That saying she is still my girlfriend after getting her a Dipset thong.

Genuine Sterling Silver Chains - These are only $130 bucks. I don't have to think what my valentine's reaction would be if I surprised her with one of these. I'm pretty sure it would have something to do with the word "dumped"

New Ballin Shirts By Skorpleo on the other hand would make a great gift, I'm sure this would make the lady really happy. Here is a XXXL white t-shirt, happy Valentine's Day (I guess they come in 'small', so this could work).

Juelz Santana & Diplomats Airbrushed Shirts by Paul Labelle, this actually seems like the most sensible gift to give your Valentine from Santana's Town. If given in the correct context it might not actually end the same way giving the Dipset chain would.

In conclusion, do not buy a gift from Santana's Town for your Valentine unless you don't really care about her and you really want the gift when it gets thrown back in your face.

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