Monday, January 29, 2007

Mistah FAB - Ghost Ride It (Video) and Monday Stuff

Some new Weezy audio...
Lil' Wayne - Miami Vice (Stream at HHNLive)

A nice post by Ian at Different Kitchen about my favorite underrated album of last year, Killer Mike's 'Pledges Allegiance to the Grind'

Snoop Dogg is selling tracks over at his myspace (for 89 cents), thanks to the Kenyatta for pointing this out.

Does anyone really care that 9th Wonder left Little Brother? While semi on topic, check out the Stones Throw record they are giving away today called 'Chrome Children Vol. 2' the new way to Google.

Here is a 20 minute video from Paris Exposed of Paris Hilton getting molested by the guy who does (did?) Girls Gone Wild..The best part about the video is the dude doing ton of cocaine off his own chest. This reminds me, here is an anti-coke PSA from the government of Colombia.

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