Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Things (Camron/Curtis update)

I am trying to keep score in the Cam/Curtis beef, what is at now Cam 4 : 50 1?

Ethan Brown is reporting this:
Somebody called Cam’s probation officer and told him that Cam had put a hit out on 50 Cent. Cam was then told to come down and talk to the probation officer–or face arrest. When Cam arrived to speak with probation officer, he was told that they had seen the ‘Cuurtis’ video as well as 50’s video about Cam. Cam was also asked about Supreme: ‘How do you know Supreme?’ Cam said that he did not know Supreme but that Supreme is a stand-up guy and 50 should not have been laughing at him on Hot 97. At the end of the interview, Cam stressed that the Diplomats ain’t got no beef with G-Unit. This is just music.
Interesting..I have no idea what to really think of this.

Here is an interview of Cam in Harlem talking about some things? Anyone notice the line in the diss track that goes " sand around, but I'm in my beach chair". Really nice that Cam threw that in there, Cam sees you Jay.

More Dips involved in beef. In this case we have Katt Williams going at Jay's crew, this time the against the Young Gunz. I heard a while back that Katt was going to be releasing a rap album called 'The Birth of Pimp-Hop'. Listen to the track here.

In other non-Diplomats things...

More trouble for Foxy Brown who was arrested in Miami after a disturbance at a beauty supply store.

(Sand)Wich Boy "Throw Some Cheese on that Bitch" Video

I suggest you read Bryon Crawford's article on XXL about music thus far in '07 and free mixtapes.

Speaking of mixtapes- Grind Time Official Presents Skulls & Roses. Not sure who Grind Time Official is? Check out their myspace. I'll tell you this much, the real name of one member is Michael Render but he goes by the name Killer Mike.

This Teddy Ted mixtape called 'Euro Crunk Vol.2' has been posted around various myspace sites, listen to it if you haven't yet.

What We Do is Secret has a nice video of some lethal self defense courtesy of Bas Rutten.

Finally, a comeback for Scotty Pippen? What in the name of God is he thinking? Shawn Kemp back to the Sonics? What is it, 1995?

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