Friday, April 27, 2007

50 Cent the Sound Scan Killer aka 50 Spent

I was at first not interested in checking out the new 50 Cent single because I didn't want to just hear a clip of it. After paying closer attention I realized that it wasn't just a clip but the song is actually called "Fully Loaded Clip". I did read that he had some great lines about Jay, Beyonce and even Lil Wayne and 50 Cent is the Sound Scan Killer so I'm sure it is a great song.

Not that it matters too much but so far 50 might be in the running for worst song titles of the year. I would expect song titles like "Straight To The Bank" and "Fully Loaded Clip" on a rap parody record. Also in the category of brilliant song titles the song with Justin Timberlake is called "AYO Technology".

Listen to "Fully Loaded Clip" Notes From A Different Kitchen.

Curtis initially after changing the title of his record to 'Curtis' wanted to actually call the album 'Curtis SSK' the SSK would stand for Sound Scan Killer. Why would anyone at Interscope want him to remove the 'SSK'? Curtis 'Sound Scan Killer' Jackson is a great name. Remember when 'The Massacre' was going to be released on Valentines day and was supposed to be called 'The Valentines Day Massacre' 50 just has a rough time with titles. I guess what can you expect from a guy who is in a group called Gorilla Unit.