Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did Mase Get Caught With A Transvestite Hooker?

Ryan Cameron from the Ryan Cameron show on V-103 aired a phone call yesterday from a radio listener who said she was involved in a near hit-and-run last night in Atlanta. The woman, said on air that she was hit when another vehicle side swiped her brand new Range Rover.

The caller said one of the transvestites that saw the accident told her: "He been circling around here 4 times already trying to pick one of these queens up!"

The caller said the Mase refused to roll down his window or get out of his car. A female police officer instructed him, "You need to roll down this window right now." Mase stayed in the car when the tow truck hooked up his car and drove away with him still in it. If the image of Mase sitting in his car as a tow truck drove it away isn't enough, apparently Mase wrapped a towel around his face so no one would know it was him.

Here is the audio

Here is the best Mase web site for all information, but yet to contain any of the information regarding this incident.

Maybe everything will get cleared up, remember all those rumors about Cam'ron and the transvestite ended up being false.