Thursday, June 07, 2007

50 Is Willing To Fire Everyone In G-Unit, except...

In this month’s Vibe, 50 States:
“I’ll fire everybody,” “I don’t give a f—. They’re capable of all of their responsibilities, but when they start slacking, they gotta get the f— outta here.”

Young Buck gets a good performance review — “He is the clean-up man because he’s actually selling” — with one caveat: “Sometimes he says things without being totally conscious of what he’s saying, so he’s gonna make mistakes.” And Tony Yayo, well, he’s set for life. “Yayo can’t be dropped, period,” 50 explained. “He doesn’t even need to sell records. As long as I’m breathing, he’s gonna be good. And if I’m not breathing, then he’s gonna be real good.” That’s right, 50 confirmed: Yayo’s in the will.