Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let the jacking begin

Jay - Z info is now all over the place. Seems pretty anti-climatic, but I will hold off opinions till I hear the record. Dude has Chris Martin from Coldplay working on a track for him. Again, I will hold off judgement. Here is an article with all the info. Do you think that Nas might have had this cover had Jay not come out with this information? I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Sounds like today the new Camel Joe record will be called "Kingdom Come" oh boy.

Speaking of that, I know its a stretch of a swagger jack but..

Primal Scream - When The Kingom Comes (Weller Cover)

Lots going on regarding the Teddybears today on the internet (their album came out in the states yesterday). Remember when it was all about MIA? Here is a cover I have had for a while that didn't seem to make the rounds back when it happened. Its from a radio show, but the quality is good.

MIA - Every Day I Love You Less and Less (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)

Speaking of being hip hip on the internet when did Uffie turn into Linday Lohan? I'm talking about the see through aspect of her shirt. Rest of the photos can be found via Discobelle.

Someone pointed out that I didn't have a tribute up for Pac today. Its not too late. Here is a great Pac speech from 92. For more go to AllHipHop.