Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My partner D-Wade, keep a heat jersey on him

… Asked if he missed Shaq during the WC tournament, D-Wade told reporters, "As a grown man, I never say I miss another grown man." …
Got to respect Wade, best player of the class of '03

That quote had me thinking of other great quotes, and when you think great quotes you got to think Sir Charles. Charles has been all over the places dropping classic out of his mouth lately.
Basketbawful detailed his recent appearance with Michael Jordan on Oprah, and I think they are suggesting that the Round Mound of Rebound preceed a lot of his comments with a 'no homo' (unlike D-wade). For a solid collection of more of Sir Charles wisdom check the Charles Barkley Quote Book out. Such classics like..

-"one question: Have you ever seen Gollum, John Clayton and Sam Cassell in the same place at the same time?"
-a letter from Charles Barkley to Bill Laimbeer, in 1989:
"Dear Bill, Fuck You.
-On Magic Johnson's return to basketball: "We're just playing basketball. It's not like we're going out to have unprotected sex with Magic."
-"What kind of self-respecting man walks around with only $20 bucks on him?"
-"Colonel Sanders is the greatest white man that ever lived."

Also in light of some Malkmus tunes, from Matador:
08/29/06— Wowee Zowee: The Sordid Sentinels Edition
On November 6 we will be releasing the third in our biannual Pavement deluxe reissue series: Pavement's third album, 'Wowee Zowee,'