Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh Nasir - A Contest

Yea the "getty" logo looks terrible I know. But what is worse that logo or the big old L that both Nasir and Jay get from this picture from last night. I know I said no more VMA pictures, but wow. I kinda want to have a best caption contest for this picture. How about it? I guess we can have our first contest on here, sounds like the perfect idea for a Friday afternoon. I will send out an official killa season movie poster to the winner. Email with your entry and the winning caption will be posted on tuesday as well as some other ones.

This will be good.

I also have this track. It is supposed to be from Detox. Detox for your information is Dr. Dre's long awaited album. This track is really intresting because Crooked I wrote Dre's part from Dre's prospective. I know this is not new territory for Dre, but Crooked is actually doing it on this track. I wonder if this will actually be on Detox. Anyone know the story with this?

Dr. Dre - Say Dr. Dre (demo from Detox)