Friday, September 01, 2006

Dre, I See Dead People

Thats it for VMA pictures. I swear, I just couldn't really find anything that went well along with this post and this picture is far too funny. Look at her arm, wow eat a hamburger. Anyway this is for sure the most all over music post yet. I think there is a little for everyone.

Do you know who Albert Hammond Jr is? I bet you do. Do you know who Julian Casablancas is? I bet you do too. I also bet your at least kinda interested in hearing this track. It is better than most of the songs on the last Strokes record. Nice little end of summer rock song. Albert Hammond has a record on the way sometime this fall. I bet it sounds a lot like this.

Albert Hammond Jr Feat Julian Cassablancas - 101

This song was emailed to me and wow. I didn't think I would like this at first as it was described to me as "a girl with a beautiful voice singing over that rap song." It isn't exactly as described, but there is something about it that made me listen to it 3 times this morning. The melody is taken from a very popular rap song (I don't want to ruin the surprise). If you enjoy this Strokes song up there you will like this, not because it sounds anything like it, but becuase its fucking indie rock. The group is called The Blow and this song comes from an album called "Paper Television."

The Blow - True Affection

And finally, this isn't just any ordinary rap song. Its a fucking amazing gem of a song. If you don't know how much Cool and Dre are blowing up the game pay attention just look at this dicography. Dre has an album on the way, its called "The Trunk" this is the first single and this picture down here is from the video. If this song or any of his previous songs are any indication of what to expect on this record it will be bangin'

Dre - Naomi