Sunday, September 03, 2006

Check The Adams Apple

There are a lot of G-Unit disses out there by The Game, and I'm pretty sure that a while ago when he released 360 that he was done with diss tapes directed at G-Unit. I'm glad he isn't. The Game really does this right, its over Lloyd Banks track "Hands Up."

Every track I hear by The Game gets me even more excited about The Doctors Advocate.

The Game - The Funeral (100 Bars)

I can't wait to hear what Lloyd Banks is gonna do about this, cause he got Ethered. Listen to then end when he asks people to mail their G-Unit stuff to LA (I don't know who's address it is though)

Doctors Advocate in stores November 7th

I don't know what to say about this, I will warn you it is Not Safe For Work. I don't know the story behind it at all. Pharrell Williams from The Neptues is shooting porn. I guess thats it, the proof is in the pictures.

The quality on this isn't too hot, but its another 50 diss at P. Diddy. I don't understand 50 Jada and Game have been going at him for the whole year and he is just picking on lil old Puff.

50 Cent and Yayo, Hot Rod - Get Down (Dissing Diddy)