Saturday, September 02, 2006

TV The Same Size as Kevin Garnett

So much hottness about this picture.

1-KG's Jackett
2-McHale (the whole package)-no homo
3-Old Wolves logo including Kevin's hat
4-Pre contract chain that Kevin is rockin.

and what the fuck is up with this picture..excuse me? I know its not real but something I don't like to see. Keep up to the date on all the latest KG info over here.

Ok so the buzz started about this new Lloyd Banks track when it was reported that there featured a line about Kevin Garnett. The song is actually pretty slick.

Lloyd Banks - Survivor

Some words about the 50 Cent P. Diddy feud from the best titled newspaper in the country.

The new Missy greatest hits is nice, but who really wants to hear these slow jams? One new song that I swear I have heard before and this nice basement jaxx remix are the only newish things on there.

Missy Elliot - 4 My People (Basement Jaxx Remix)

Streets and Pete Dougherty is a very big buzz kill. I was listening to this song they did together and I really couldn't tell the difference when Pete started I just noticed a lot more drugs being talked about. Listen to it on the streets myspace page.

Enter the Nas/Jay-Z caption contest below, some of the entries thus far have been really good. I have collected some prizes from Warner Music including this hot official Killa Season movie poster.

I give Young Buck so much props for wearing this shirt to the VMA's, so funny. Remember the vibe awards? Get it?

Have a nice weekend.