Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Can't rest in the West, seen some nice breasts in the West

Well, well look who is still playing

I am back from San Fran, I had a great time out there but now it is time to get down to it. I am sorry if you emailed while I was away and I have yet to respond. I will. Later today I will be posting our first Mixtape/Series, it is something to look forward to. I will always be willing to do this for DJ's just let me know whatcha working with.

I have so much to get into but right now I suggest you check out the following stuff for the time being:

In anticipation of the release of my favorite comedy of the year..

The Top 10 Borat Skits of All-Time

The internet world seems to be a Buzz over the new Diddy TV. Diddy airs it out and shows us what he is workin with.

In case you didn't hear Jigga released a new single. It isn't very good, and I am not very excited about it (I really listened to only about 30 seconds of it)

Pitchfork really nailed the review and drops some Ether on the "King"

But, really, we've been waiting two years for this. There's no excuse. "No two alike like a snowflake," he says, obviously not referring to his own lyrical output. With few B.I.G. lines left to plunder, Jay recklessly reverts to his own past. Seasonal updates. Gold bottles. "The king's back!" And, of course, the Jordan obsession, which is getting creepier (and lazier) by the verse.
Check it out here and here. Via Nah Right and Discobelle

Discobelle's Marty Mar has been keeping it very real doing up some newish M.I.A