Monday, October 02, 2006


Sorry things have been slow for the last couple days, lots of sports I had to watch. Not that this is related but, I am going to San Fran this week. I have left the keys with Dr. Boss. If you are interested is some "guest blogging" let me know. We can figure something out. I won't be without a computer but I will be busy. I mean the Cardinals made the playoffs, I am going to have a lot of drinking to do.

A new Em track leaked this weekend, I am almost 100% positive it will be on the 'Re-Up' or whatever it is called. Grab it over at Nah Right.

Speaking of G-Unit, that new Banks album is really nice. I gave it a quick listen on my way to work this morning and I'm gonna for sure have to listen to it again. That will double the amount of time I have listened to any G-Unit related album since the last 50 record.

I found the new best way to kill time and enjoy yourself while doing it vNES. This replaces your emulators and has most of the games that were out on NES. The only thing I see wrong is there is no Super Dodgeball...guess I will keep my NES emulator around.

Not crazy about Bush doing this..