Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Un Kasa es Tu Casa

It's nice to see Un Kasa get in the baseball spirit. My Cardinals play today, yes they are underdogs and I don't expect them to do much. What can I say it has been a terrible season and I kinda wish it would just stop soon before even more heartache. I imagine that this week will provide more frustration to add on to what has already been way too much this season. There is one glimmer of hope and that is that we have Pujols and Carp the later which starts game 1 and 4. Go Birds! If your interested in a really nice analysis of the game head over to Viva El Birdos.

Enough on sports for a little bit:
Un Kasa is great, lots of reasons I feel comfortable saying this. I mean look at the picture above. If that doesn't provide enough proof listen to the track below. It was durring one of the many Dip Set DVD's that came out last year that I decided Un is the man. I don't see him rockin too much pink anymore and his clothes look to fit him a little better than they used to but he hasn't lost a step, as a matter of fact I think he has gained one. Un had this track and two others up for download on his Myspace page, songs rotate pretty regular on there so check back often.

Un Kasa - What's Ya Name (You Send It)
Un Kasa - What's Ya Name (Z-Share)

While on the myspace topic Jimmy Jones went to the next level with this myspace message check it.
Shoutouts to Dale and Raging Nation Films for helping to re-define the concept of, "Baallliiin" The new video for, "We Fly High" features everything from Convertible Lamborghini's, Aston Martin drop tops, G4 Jets, helicopters, car chases through the streets of LA, interrogation room scenes, courtroom scenes, papparazi, sexy females and poolside mansion parties.

Jim Jones and Dj Drama "The 7 Day Theory" In The Streets Now!

Jim Jones "Hustler's P.O.M.E." In Stores Nov. 7th!
I love Jim Jones.