Monday, October 16, 2006

Christian Flores

This video needs an introduction, this is made by some crazy Lost head from fragments of video from Hanso Exposed dot com. This was taken form one of Lost boards I troll around on.

Christian Flores has nothing to do with the above video. Chrisitian was the first person to send in a mix to be posted. I really like his steeze, he rolls of these "quick sets." They are about ten minutes long and they pack the same punch as a longer mix. I have two to throw up and he has said that he will be doing more of stay up.

Here is a stream and two links for a mix done by Mr. Flores called "No Dice"

Chrisian Flores - No Dice (YSI/Z-Share)

powered by ODEO

and another one...

Christian Flores - What It Do (YSI/Z-Share)

powered by ODEO

Remember go back and grab the Millions Billions mix if you haven't already...

Catch a free Howard Stern online trial on Sirius that is good for the next coupla days...thanks D for pointing this out. (correction free trial next week 25th and 26th thanks again D)

Here is a link of newish mp3 players that will attempt to "kill" the i-pod this holiday season.

Edward Lee plays with toys and takes badass pictures of them..