Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jim Jones Cover - P.O.M.E.


Will this be the final cover, one can hope. I can't get enough of the 'We Fly High' Remix, which can be had at discobelle.

Cardinals game is rained out and yea we are underdogs for sure, but thanks to the rain we have Carp going in game 2 and game 6 (the two games I said prior to this news that will determine the series). And I would rather be underdogs than have this be my teams theme song. Come on New York, even Houston had a little something special last year that those dudes (flipper and Paul Wall) cooked up.

I think we have done a good job kepping it legal around these parts. We are still going to find legal ways to kill it with music legally, like this...forget Young Dro, forget what Cam did to this song, it's all about this...

Lil Wayne ft. Currensy & Rick Ross - Meet Me on South Beach (You Send It)
Lil Wayne ft. Currensy & Rick Ross - Meet Me on South Beach (Z-Share)

I dont' know what mixtape this is from, the DJ tag is so bad on this. I am trying to make it out to mention it but I just can't. Wish I was bumpin this last week. Will Wayne quotables ever end?

What's really good?

I dunno about this...

Lost was something special tonite...As much as I hate seeing the '04 series, that was pretty awesome.

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