Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kingdom is on the way

I have not been able to put this comic down since I started the other day, a re-read is already in progress. My reading of 'Kingdom Come' has 100% nothing to do with Jay and his record. Jay is more crazins on his illuminati stuff and he is starting to dish out (between him and Nas there will be a holiday overload). In his new song called "Kingdome Come" Jay says this:
Now i'm so enlightened I might glow in the dark
I know some about the illuminati, I have read some books and I worked with someone who was way into it and "teaching me" every chance he could get..regardless of my background it is obvious that Jay is claming enlightenment. You don't have to check out these pictures to see how this is going for him. Anyway for those who don't know..(I did some reading this morning to back this up) the 33rd stage of masonry is known as enlightenment. It is when you reach the 33rd stage that something is presented to you that makes it 'all' clear. 'All' can mean lots of things, but most believe it pertains to the big question...does god exist...bottom line, Jay knows something we don't...either way I know this track sucks Jay, or maybe he knows something I don't and it's really good..

regardless check out the track over at Nahright.