Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Millions and Billions

It's turned into a cliche, call it what you want they are all the same. I believe Lemon Red was the first one to really jump off with a mix series and many have followed and have done a fine job promoting DJ's and the like in their creation of blog mix tapes. I download most of them I see, and I even have a folder for them on my external hard drive. I'm not going to promise this will be a regular feature here but it is a new way to to legally provide music to the people that come here. The more people support this and in turn send in their mixes and the like the longer it will keep to roll...on ward...

I know these guys (Leo Millionz and Theo Billionz). They are wonderful people and they decided to give us this mix. That makes it excusive right? I am going to go to a party at the end of month that will be jumped off by via these guys (so if in Minneapolis get at me for the spot).

Millions Billions - Whips n' Chains (YSI Link)

Stream the mix here and if you like this, go right ahead and download it from the link above.

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Visit Millions Billions on Myspace read their bio and make friends with new people. Social networks are great!