Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Further Instructions

I am so happy Lost is back on, although I am not too pumped about the episode tonite. I guess it has to do mostly with the fact that it is going to be a Sun flashback. I really don't care about her unborn daughter or the affair with the other dude. I am way more into episode 3, where we are going to see Locke in a baseball hat with a gun.

I'll be honest, I am not pumped about Lost tonite because the Cardinals series versus the Mets starts tonite. I hope it doesn't get rained out, things seem better Rolen feels great and Jason M is off the roster and Young Reyes is in. Go Birds!

Guess who is on myspace? We had to go do it, I mean everyone is on. Right now we have ZERO friends, we are much cooler than that....right?

Different Kitchen posted the new 50 Cent remix of Jimmy Jones 'We Fly High' Remember when G-Unit lead the pack? It is amazing how far back they have fallen. The new Banks record isn't going to do much either.

I was going to post a stream of this yesterday, but I didn't want to bump the millions mix so FluoKids beat me to it. Snoop gets the R. Kelly treatment on his new album...this doesn't doesn't fuck around one bit.

Two hot links for people bored and working in their own office where they won't get caught with this stuff.

Watch TV on your computer here, there are lots of stations..including the "baseball station"..another TV web site here

I posted a link to play old NES games on the web here last week, well here is an even better link with more games.

One last bit; Do not deny that Pan's Labyrinth will be amazing. Watch these previews, this movie will be a monster