Monday, October 16, 2006

Jay - Z Kingdom Come (promotion in full swing)

If you are by a TV you can watch the new Jigga video all day long. If you can't wait till someone puts it on youtube and then I put it up here, sit by BET every hour on the hour till 7 pm tonite and you will be able to watch it EVERY HOUR! UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED BELOW Talk about hype. I think the last time BET did this was for Beyonce. Now you wonder why the Roots and Meth didn't get any promotion, Def Jam was saving the money for Jay - Z.

Enough about all the Jay-Z negatives, Jay might be a little bit more onto things than I though. He admits to taking the name for his album from the comic book of the same name (which I would suggest people read if you haven't).
"The inspiration came from a song I just did with Guru," Jay explained from Africa, where he's currently on tour. "Guru is into comic books and all types of stuff. To expound upon 'Kingdom Come,' every man has his kingdom, whether it's a security guard at the mall — that's his kingdom. [Hip-hop] happens to be my kingdom."
Read the article here on MTV.

It should also be noted that 'Hip Hop is Dead' by Nas comes out a few weeks later...

Video will be posted soon, unless the newly named 'sue-tube strikes' video added below...