Monday, November 20, 2006

Lil Wayne - All Alone (Speaking On Nivea/Hot Boys)

Has Lil Weezy has grown soft? Has the kissing incident with Birdman made him a little bit softer, a little bit more of an emotional Weezy ("please say the baby")? A new song from Lil Wayne has brought some light to this. It is from the new "Young Money Vol. 1 Lil Weeziana" Mix tape.

Lil Wayne - All Alone (Stream)

Get the full track over at NahRight in the Daily Headlines.

There are a few points to be made with regards to this track:

The other day Boss and I were watching BET and they showed the 'Go DJ' video and we both remarked on the size of Lil Wayne then and now (no homo). I claimed that Young Dwayne Carter must be on steroids. On this new track 'All Alone' he all but confirms this:
"Since you've been gone,
I have been all alone,
but the steroids made me strong"
Wayne also reaches out to his Hot Boys (isn't that name a little curious now):
"I love my n*ggas, that's no homo, I hope they all get cheese like in Digorino (the pizza),
It's something about the Hot Boyz that you don't know,
I got a lot of love for them that I don't show,
And B.G. been my n*gga since the front door,
I hope Choppa City Records blow.. fa sho,
And me and Juve never really got along,
But you still would let your n*gga come get on your hottest song,
I f*ck with you for that,
I f*ck wit lil wack
and me and lil skip, we go way back when
you see a real n*gga, u go tip yo hat
and since I'm a real n*gga, I do just that"
If you want to read more about analysis of the lyrics to 'All Alone' visit HHNLive.

Anyone else think Michael Richards (Kramer) would look great in one of these?

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