Friday, December 01, 2006

Game & Travis Barker- AOL Performance

Yesterday I posted about the Game and Travis Barker AOL session, and today I have a link to the entire performance.

Game & Travis Barker- AOL Performance

If you click around enough on the link you will find a video interview as well.

Here is a little quote by 50 Cent giving his opinion of 'One Blood'
Yeah, that was a street single. Ya know? Look at Disco Inferno, that went beyond anything One Blood has done. Did you know one blood doesn't even have a chorus? He doesn't know how to make a hit record, he cant write a hook so he just has some n**** in the back round yelling one blood the whole time. [Laughs] Ya know? Its pathetic, he's pathetic.
It is funny that he doesn't know who is 'yelling one blood the whole time"