Monday, December 11, 2006

Meet Britney's New Boyfriend

The difference between KFed and JR Rottem is?

JR is a 'super producer' who has worked on produced "Push It" by Rick Ross "SOS" by Rihanna, "Best Friend" by 50 Cent and "Whoa" by Lil Kim. I assume that this hot romance with Britney Spears began as he slaved over tracks for her new album.

The Superficial has pictures and here is his myspace if you really need a friend.

Still-Listen also has some autographed Cherish CD's and posters to give away. Just send an email here. I will email you back asking for your address if you won.

I thought that Cherish was actually one person, after looking at this picture and reading the bio I learned that there are 4 girls in the group. If you don't remember or know who Cherish is, their song“Do It To It" feat Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ was one of the highlights from the movie 'ATL'.

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