Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jim Jones and Dipset Update

Things have been quiet on the Jim Jones front, so I did some looking around and have a bit of an update as to what to expect from Capo in the first half of 07.

Jimmy posted the 2 Million Dollar bail for Max B and is currently working on a new mixtape with Max B called 'Out On Bail With A Story To Tell'.

Jimmy is also working on his first featured role in a movie titled 'Thug Passion'. This is what Jimmy had to say about the role:
It’s a little different role I’m playing. I’m playing a lover-boy type. It’s a little hot and steamy. I’m having sex all over the place. It’ll be a different look for the ladies. No guns involved, just my charm. It’s my first experience, I’m learning it. It’s not the regular type of role they give young black men such as myself. They give us the gangster role, the drug-dealer role. That’s why I took it: because it’s a stretch.
When done with the movie Jimmy is going out on tour (March). The tour is set to include Juelz, Lil Wayne and Birdman. There are 30 dates planned for the tour (dates not announced yet). Jim also plans on releasing a compilation along with a DVD for the tour.

As far as other Diplomats news goes, JR Writer has 'Writers Block 4' on the way (February 13th) , 'More Than Music Vol.2' and the long awaited 'Diplomats Vol.6'.

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