Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lil Wayne - Broken Jaw

According to Mary Bowlin (J&M Entertainment/Gillie The Kid's Publicist), Lil' Wayne's jaw was broken at a tour stop this past weekend. Apparently Lil Wayne became involved in a heated argument with a fellow entourage member, it all ended with the argument coming to blows and Lil Wayne receiving a broken jaw. I'm not sure why Gillie The Kid's Publicist has anything to say about this unless she is strictly trying to get involved because it is such a bad look for Wayne to get beaten down by someone in his entourage.
Source HHNLive

While on the topic of Lil Wayne, here are a couple of things you should check out. If you haven't yet downloaded 'Lil Weezyana' from the Young Money web site, do it now. It is a free mixtape being offered by Young Money and Weezy F B has never sounded so good.

Lil Wayne - Famous (YSI)/(Z-Share) (From 'Lil Weezyana')

Lil Wayne - Stuntin Like My Daddy(vyle remix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

What would happen if Jay-Z & Beyonce had a daughter?

Dipset member Max B. is being held On $2 Million Bail for murder after the rapper was charged with robbing and murdering a man in his hotel room in Fort Lee, New Jersey last September. The judge must have figured that bail would be paid no question, Max B is Balllllin, right?

Andre the Giant drank 7,000 calories worth of booze every day

A big shout goes out to Willy Joy, his Flybynight, Vol. 1 mixtape is now available at the TTL.

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