Monday, January 08, 2007

Where Has Camron Been?

I no longer have to stay awake at night wondering what Cam is doing...Dude has been busy on his mountain bike

Lil Wayne is to host internet reality show called “Making The Next Hit” I will be following this very closely.

If you really want to see Kate Moss topless go right ahead, this picture is NSFW so be warned. (via The Superficial)

If you missed Rosie is getting dissed by Jin, here you go...

Jin ft. Donald Trump - Ether (Chinese remix) (Rosie Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Will the feud ever end? Rosie has opened up the next round by working on a painting of Trump.

Video clip via the great Rosie blog.

I don't mean to pimp out any of the ads on this site, I try to keep them as out of site as possible, but how slick is the new Fresh Good Friday Hat? In case you don't know Lids has a new limited edition hat the first Friday of every month. They are only available for a month and then they are gone (also not available in stores). Anyway, I'm loving this Moonman hat.

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