Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gillie Da Kid Arrested For Having 89 Pounds of Weed

Lil Wayne doesn't have to worry about Gillie Da Kid anymore (at least not for a while). Gillie Da Kid was arrested on Tuesday (Feb. 6) for running two drug houses. Smarten up Gillie, having 89 pounds of marijuana worth $404,000 is not a good look if you are hoping to avoid jail time. Gillie along with 5 others were arrested with conspiracy and possessing narcotics with intent to deliver. Wayne is safe from horrible photoshops like this from appearing for a little bit (at least from Gillie). For more go to HHNLive.

Gillie Da Kid's publicist, Mary Bowlin has responded to the charges (however this is the same woman that started the broken jaw Lil Wayne rumor)
I am confirming the fact that Gillie was indeed arrested on Tuesday. However, the charges are unwarranted and once Gillie has his day in court, we are confident that the evidence against him will prove to be false. This was clearly a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gillie is in no way guilty of the charges brought against him and once all facts come to light, he will be vindicated.

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