Friday, February 02, 2007

Juelz Santana - Born To Lose, Built To Win (The Reagen Era)

Earlier in the week I took care of a Jim Jones update, and I've got a Juelz Santana update today.

The "Black Republicans" Freestyle that came out last weekend raised the 'I Can't Feel My Face' question again, will it really be coming out? Well, according to Mr. LaRon Louis James (aka Juelz Santana) the album "Is definitely going down" Juelz recently told AllHipHop that him and Lil Wayne have over 40 songs and they are going to pick the best ones for 'I Can't Feel My Face", which is still due in stores later this year. Juelz added:
It's something that's never been done before, a dude from the north and a dude from the south, especially with the south being so hot, and me being one of the hottest dudes in the north. We just gonna let the music talk. Me and Weezy just put out a single 'Black Republicans.' We Black Democrats running those Black Republicans out of office.
Juelz is also finishing up his next album called 'Born To Lose, Built To Win (The Reagen Era)'. The title is a reference to 'The Reagen Era (1981-1989) when crack cocaine ran crazy in the inner city, something Juelz really wasn't around too much for (in 1989 Juelz was 6). Juelz explains:
The Reagan era was the biggest crack era ever, and I feel like I am human crack in the flesh. When I say that I don't want people to confuse it. My music is so potent, you get addicted to it.
I really like Juelz, I think his last album had some really nice songs it and I am already looking forward to 'Born to Lose...." but he needs to drop the human crack stuff. I thought maybe he was heading that way when he announced the title to the last 'Back Like Cooked Crack' tape was going to be called 'Death', but apparently not.

Right now Juelz is all over the place with the The Second Coming: Our Game, Our Time Nike Ad. If you haven't seen the video, check it out here.

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