Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mid Week Things

The word is that Ghostface will not be appearing on the new Wu-Tang album '8 Diagrams' I have heard multiple sources report this, and all site the RZA as their source. I'm sure this dampens the excitement for many. I wonder if Ghost will be the only original member out.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood has heard a new 50 Cent track off 'Before I Self Destruct' that features Jay-Z and is produced by Dr. Dre. Westwood says the song is incredible and the best thing he has heard since Ice Cube's "Today Was A Good Day". HHNLive adds that Jay-Z shouts out at the entire G-Unit crew at the start of the track and even adds a "GGGGG-Unit"

For those wondering what Benzino has been up to recently, you don't have to wonder any more. The former co-owner of The Source has been video taping himself making some real raw moves. This video is really NSFW.

Those more curious what former Russian pop group T.A.T.U has been doing will find more enjoyment out of looking at these pictures from the Russian GQ than that Benzino video.

I was watching BET yesterday and I hadn't realized how much of a hit MIMS track "This Is Why I'm Hot" has become. It is the first single off the album 'Music Is My Savior', which is due in stores April 3rd. For those that have missed out, here is a stream for the single "This Is Why I'm Hot" and here is a link to the video.

Finally, I repeat make sure you check out the mix from DJ Joe Cruse below

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