Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rich Boy Rap City Freestyle/Willy Joy and some

Rich Boy on Rap City yesterday (1/31) going over "This is Why I'm Hot"

I posted info on Willy Joy a while back and now he returns with a new remix. If you haven't yet grabbed his mix 'Flybynight, Vol. 1' you should. It is for sale at the Turn Table Lab for only 7 bucks. Willy Joy is also locking down some shows in Chicago right now, so keep up to date with his happenings over at his myspace page.

The Pack - At The Club (Willy Joy Remix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Back to Rich Boy for a second, Different Kitchen posted up the Rich Boy Remix, which I haven't stopped listening to since I heard it and another track called "Boy Looka Here" (also produced by Polow). Here is a Rick Boy interview from MTV Sucker Free.

Here is an interesting article written by Courtney Love about what music piracy really is..

Tyra Banks on being fat. Tyra is pretty honest here, and you gotta respect that.

Anyone interested in a Super Mario Firefox theme

Finally, according to HHNLive Ja Rule is set to appear in the next Saw movie due October 26, 2007. As a big fan of these movies at first I was less than thrilled, and then I read that he will be in the opening scene. Those familiar with these movies know what usually happens in the opening scene.

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