Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Things

Punxsutawney Phil did not see a shadow, which means Spring is right around the corner.

I suggest you listen to the whole Angie Martinez 50 Cent, Styles P., Camron, Jim Jones interview from yesterday.

Game bragging about finger banging Vida Guerra at Jamie Fox's party.

Mick Boogie and Little Brother
will making their new mixtape 'And Justus For All' available for free download on February 13.

Read an interview by Eskay from Nah Right With Mick Boogie and Phonte

What the hell has been going on this week with these Nas remixes? I wasn't really been paying attention as all this was happening, then all the sudden three days later there are three remixes with a massive amount of people on a track I can't even remember of 'Hip Hop is Dead'. Notes From a Different Kitchen has them all as well as all the guests listed. What is with the growing trend to have a remix with 5 or more people on it?

Ian at Different Kitchen also has the Kayne and Common Super Bowl song called "Southside Superbowl".

Harrison Ford might drop out of Indiana Jones if he can't use a real whip

Horror remix of When Harry Met Sally

Why isn't Camron in Freeky Zekey's top 8 or even top 16?

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