Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday News and Music

This has been spotted all over the internet, but today the single goes for sale on itunes. All the proceeds from the single will be donated to the "NIKE Youth Sport for Change Fund."

Kanye West, Nas & KRS-One & produced by Rick Rubin - Better Than I've Ever Been (Stream)

Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & Rakim, remixed by DJ Premier - Better Than I've Ever Been DJ Premier Remix (Stream)

Buy the single at itunes here

Top Billin has just released Vol. 5! Check the tracklist here and download it here. Their 12" will be out soon and expect Vol. 6 in April.

In the next couple of weeks Peldawg will be releasing 'Still Blue and Yellow'. For those not familiar, DJ Akilles and Peldawg put out 'Blue and Yellow' about 2 years ago using Jay-Z's 'Black Album' and Swedish beats. You can download the oringinal 'Blue and Yellow' album here. 'Still Blue and Yellow' will feature the 'Blueprint' album. Check back in a couple of weeks for this.

Anyone else think that Polow Da Don might be have the best year for a producer in '07? Read his interview with Complex Magazine here. You have to love this quote about Jay-Z.
I got this record for Jay Z that would make him the coolest guy around. I really thought long and hard about it, like, "How do we make Jay Z cool?" Because the problem he's having is, he's not cool. Jim Jones took his coolness away. The only people who think Jay Z is cool right now are, like, you know, 35 and older, and hate current music. People who are current think Jay Z has lost it and he wears thong-toe sandals. So no matter how cool he wanna make that, kids aren't gonna go for it
How correct Palow is..

The creator and fellow Grindin' member callmeMikey has now unleashed CallMeClassical. This gives me the ideal swagger jack, how about a Still Listen to Easy Listening Music?

In an effort to make this post this morning even more random, vote for the "New" seven wonders of the world.

And finally for some Britney Spears news you might not have known, Idolator has a very interesting article today linking Britney Spears to George Bush.