Thursday, October 19, 2006

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury Album Cover

I hear this is real, but who the hell knows with rap covers. I like the crowns though, little subliminal shots right there.

Want another reason to make a grunt in reference to Jay-Z? Click here.

Christian Flores has been sending us his 'mini-sets' like there is no tomorrow, ain't no problem with that. They are great to listen to, his tracklisting selections are always pretty choice too. On this one he goes, The Rapture/Plastic Little/Cameo/Ali & Gipp/Ratatat

Christian Flores - I Got A New Chain (YSI/Z-Share)

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It doesn't look like Camron's album 'Shade of Black' will be released this December as Asylum originally had as a date. Who would have thought? Also Mike Jones 'American Dream' and Scarface's 'M.A.D.E' won't be out by the new year either.

In other "industry" news Banks moved some discs, but I don't think did enough to save G-Unit. Here is a look at soundscan for last week:

1. Stewart*rod Tw 184,304 N/r
2. Evanescence Tw 164,042 -63%
3. Banks*lloydtw 142,587 N/r
4. Buffett*jimmy Tw 121,361 N/r
5. Bennett*tony Tw 104,589 -18%
6. Killers Tw 101,657 -68%
7. Timberlake*justin Tw 91,969 -21%
8. Strait*george Tw 88,358 -62%
9. Hinder Tw 76,204 0%
10. Ludacris Tw 74,388 -34%