Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ice-T 'gangsta rap' cover...

"Gangsta Rap," Ice-T's first studio album in seven years, shows him lying on his back in bed with his ravishing wife's ample posterior in full view and one of her legs coyly draped over his private parts. Not that Ice-T, who stars on "Law & Order" and has appeared in "New Jack City" and "Frankenpenis," is concerned about the uproar. He told Page Six last night, "What can I say, I have been doing these kinds of things for years." Then, in a swaggering boast about his legendary sexual prowess, Ice-T added, "You should see the picture when Coco's leg is not there."
If you want to read more head over to the NY Post here.

Horrible, no wonder stores are not going to want to stock this.