Friday, October 20, 2006

Red October still going. Yesir Yadier!

I thought this song would be fitting

Ras Kass - Gayme Ova (YSI/Z-Share)

Rass Kass goes at The Game on that one....nice try Ras.

That game last night was as amazing as I thought it was. I know I could rattle off a list of Cardinal victories over the past 10 or so years that were classic, but I know last night was. The Mets played great and it was a real nail bitter, I'm just glad we won. No "expert" even picked the Cardinals to beat the Padres, as a matter of fact no one even picked the Tigers.

Time to turn the page, all eyes on Detroit. Here is hoping for that rain to be huge on Saturday so Dreamweaver can get some rest and go game 1..

So, I hear that this is the tracklisting for the new Clipse album "Hell Hath No Fury":

1. We Got it 4 Cheap feat. Spanish Lee
2. Momma, I’m So Sorry
3. Mr. Me Too feat. Pharrell
4. What It Do (Wamp Wamp) feat. Slim Thug
5. Ride Around Shining
6. Dirty Money
7. New World
8. Keys Open Doors
9. Ain’t Cha feat. The Re-Up Gang
10. Trill
11. Chinese New Year feat. Rosco P. Coldchain
12. Nightmares" feat. Bilal

I remember hearing about the track 'Chinese New Year' almost 2 years ago.

What is going on next door?

What Frodo & Sam really saw when they looked towards Mount Doom

The's response to EA's copyright and takedown email for the Sims 2