Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dame Dash Responds to Jay - Z

"If he was talking about me, I would be disappointed,' Dash says about Jigga's track 'Lost One."

While Jay hasn't come forward to say that the first verse 'Lost One' is about Dame Dash, it's thought of that he is talking about the Roc-A-Fella breakup. He raps: "I heard muthafuckers saying they made Hov/ Made Hov say, 'OK, so make another Hov'/ N---as wasn't playing they day role/ So we parted ways like Ben and J. Lo."
"Me and Jay did too much together for me to have beef with him, If he was talking about me, I would be disappointed. I wish he would take me aside and tell me. That's what grown men do. We done so much, for me to have beef with him would be crazy. It would make everything I did look corny. ... Guys like us don't talk about other guys on a track. We pull each other to the side and speak."
Of course this contradicts Dame's actions, but he explains; he says Jimmy never asked if he could use his vocals for the track 'Kingdom Done'.
“To be honest I didn’t know that that song was gonna be completed. Months before I did a skit for his album and I just basically said that everyone should know me and Jimmy have known each other for a long time and that’s basically it.
In last month's issue of XXL Magazine, Jay addressed the split by saying:
"At the end of the day, when I look around and I know I'm on the side of right or what I believe is right in my heart ... sometimes you think you're doing right but you're not. But what you believe to be right in your heart, that's your truths. Then certain things happen that go even further then that, and you know you was right. The way people carry themselves after, it's like, 'Wow.' I wouldn't have did that. [He laughs.] A true friend wouldn't have done that."
Dame also described the Roc-A-Fella breakup as being more personal than the loss of a partner.

Source mtv.com

He explains this further and discusses his newest business venture in an article with the Voice.

All this reflection on the friendship of Dame/Jay and the better days of the Roc comes at a perfect time to note this... Diamond Dallas Page has now included Rocawear in his lawsuit against Jay-Z for throwing up the Diamond. In the article DDP talks about a time in the 1998 NBA finals when Karl Malone threw up the Diamond Cutter sign, anyone remember this?

I'm sure most everyone has seen the 'Angry German Kid' video, I thought this edit was pretty funny.

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