Friday, December 22, 2006

Jim Jones Dissed By Camron???

I don' like to post rumors or get into too much of the "I heard on a radio station in Stanford this morning," but this seems like it might have some wheels. The rumor is that Camron was on Philly radio this morning talking about a new line of clothing he has coming out called 'Sam Cam' and he was asked about the whole Rucker incident. Cam responded out saying he heard in Harlem that Jim Jones was pissed about Jay-z bringing it up on Brooklyn High. I guess in response to this Jimmy said Cam made the Dips look soft at Rucker.

I will keep up with this story, regardless of whether or not this is true this is an issue that needs to be raised. The only time we have seen Cam in the past 6 months was for the "We Fly High" video. He just hasn't done anything (reminds me of Mark McGwire). Don't get me wrong I still think Cam is the best out in the group but it is just odd how at the height of the Jay-Z feud Camron just vanished.

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