Thursday, December 21, 2006

SLTGM's most anticipated albums in 2007

I have posted a poll on the left sidebar for best album of 2006 (so go vote). I'm really not sure what I think the best record of they year is, still thinking about that. I know the best rapper of the year was Lil Wayne, but anyway. It seems that rap the last couple of years has always been about what is going to come out next year. Hip Hop isn't dead, it is just on life support right? Here is a quick run down of what to expect in 2007 from some of the bigger players in the game:

50 Cent - 'Before I Self Destruct' : Fif says this will be out in March and he will bring more of a classic R&B feel and show the "vulnerable side of his sensitive thug image". This doesn't sound good, if we get a whole album worth of tracks 17-20 from 'The Massacre' I won't be too enthused. Fif did report on Shade 45 that Ludacris, Jay-Z, Bun B, LG aka Luke Gray, Gillie Da Kid, Chamillionaire & Lil Scrappy are featured on the album. I would feel comfortable saying that Eminem and G-Unit (Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo) will make an appearance. On Shade 45 he also said he is shooting a video that should be out around January. In a recent interview with Carson Daily Fif said the album is 90% done and is working on finishing it with Dre.

Eminem - Untitled: A spokesperson for Eminem wouldn't even comment on whether Slim Shady will release a solo album in 2007. Akon has said that Eminem is in fact working on an album. I would guess that we will see a new Eminem album towards the end of next year, Em sure has a lot to talk about (rehab, divorce and death) and like he said on BET "I never said I was retired". With an Eminem release uncertain, his group D12 is on schedule to release 'The Ambition' this Spring. The ambition will feature the usual suspects and will have old unused verses from Proof.

Lil Wayne - 'The Carter 3': There hasn't been any information confirmed with regards to the Carter. I posted some speculation on 'The Carter 3' a while back that was all speculation and bits and pieces of things. This album will be a big one for Lil Wayne, if his next major label release contains the same qualities his recent mixtapes have there will need to be conversations about G.O.A.T had. These conversations will continue until 'The Carter 4' is released as the obligatory double album.

T.I. - 'T.I. vs T.I.P.': Like the 'Carter 3' most of the information about a new T.I. record is just speculation right now, but this is expected to come out next spring. Guests on this are rumored to include Young Dro, Ludacris, Rick Ross, The Game, B.G., Justin Timberlake. I would expect JT to lend a hand after the success of "My Love". The first single is rumored to be called "Layin' Da Trap" featuring Young Jeezy and vocals from John Mayer.

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana - 'I Can't Feel My Face': Some sort of demo from this project leaked in 2006 and these two keep talking about collaborating on it. If this ever comes out I don't see why this won't be one of the best releases of the year.

Dr. Dre - 'Detox': "Detox' is quickly turning into the 'Chinese Democracy' of rap music. Dre protégé Bishop Lamont promised a release in September. I remember reading something like 5 years ago that 'Detox' was going to be accompanied by a movie and Denzel Washington was going to be in it (I kinda hope they still have plans for this). On the 'Re-Up' Stat Quo has a few lines about recording lines for the 'Detox LP', so who knows. I'm sure they are sitting on lots of tracks, maybe this will come out next winter. The way all these Aftermath releases are lining up seems like there could be a blitz of them next 4th quarter.

Of course there are other albums to expect in 2007.
Cam'ron - 'Shade of Black' (I'm sure the title will change and the record will be delayed, but first we have to actually have confirmation that Cam is still alive)
Juelz Santana - Title TBA
Rich Boy - Product of Tha Hustle (Expected to be released in March)
Paul Wall - 'Get Money Stay True' - Title TBA
Big Boi - Title TBA
Three Six Mafia - Title TBA (I want this one to be called 'Oscar Winners')
Timberland - 'Timberland Presents Shock Value' (guests on this are set to include Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, She Wants Revenge, Elton John and the Hives)
Young Joc - Title TBA