Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Detox update from Dr. Dre

During a call to Big Boy's Power 106 radio show in Los Angeles (in honor of his birthday) Dre had some info on his long-long-long awaited album 'Detox'
I'm trying to get everybody that I've ever worked with over the years to appear on the records. There are gonna be some new guys that I'm working with, Bishop Lamont and Slim the Mobster, those two guys I think are incredible, new artists out of the west coast that I'm trying to get out there

Trust me, this will be worth the wait, I'm trying to make this the one they remember me for .It's a lot of pressure but I'm feeling good about it. I feel like I'm my worst critic and if I'm loving it, everyone else will. I'm tryna put 12, 13 songs on the album. I'm not totally sure about the month but it will be definitely be out this year.
Remember that, "It will definitely be out this year."

Here is a link to the entire interview

Speaking of long delays, anyone hear that Guns N' Roses song posted yesterday at Idolator?

Update: It seems that this will rule out Lil Wayne or the Diplomats from being on the album..