Friday, February 23, 2007

Straight Up Brands and Sizzurp

On Wednesday I posted this about M.O.P. endorsing Sizzurp. I was sent this email today giving me a little more info on Straight up Brands (company that distributes Sizzurp).
I noticed on your blog talking about Straight Up Brands and Sizzurp.I wouldn't belive a word that company says because the stock is nothing more than a pump and dump. They have issued fabricated paid press releases before and I don't believe the M.O.P. thing. They had M.O.P. promoting triple coconut rum and it all at once changed. They re-did their webiste and left Triple Coconut Rum with M.O.P. off the brands link. However, if you go to the news links on their website you will see Triple Coconut Rum with M.O.P.

The CEO of the company has a history of leaving investors with the bill after he and his associates rob them.

Here is a link to the money man behind Straight Up Brands Inc.

You will also notice that the investors relations firm for Straight Up Brands is also the IR firm for those other companies.

Spread the word and make people aware of the company before they possibly get people killed over that M.O.P press release.