Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why is M.O.P. promoting Sizzurp?

According to Straight Up Brands (Sizzurp’s distributor) M.O.P. have signed on to endorse the Sizzurp. For those who don't know Sizzurp was originally developed and marketed in conjunction with Cam’ron and Jim Jones and now M.O.P. will help endorse the product via placement in new song lyrics, music videos, and while on tour worldwide with tour van wraps, stage banners and on-stage pours.

What is going on here? How could 50 let this one happen? First Prodigy puts out a record on Asylum and now this? Won't it be great with 50 appears in a M.O.P. video drinking some Sizzurp?

According to Straight Up Brands Lil Flip also has a drink coming out called "Lucky Nites Golden Liqueur." Also, where can I get some MoMo Mojito.

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