Tuesday, May 01, 2007

David Banner - The Greatest Story Ever Told

If you read what I wrote here you already know my feelings about David Banner. His new album "The Greatest Story Ever Told" is shaping up to be everything one would expect from "Da Hulk". Right now you can listen to some tracks from the album at the Fader and for a limited time you can download them at his myspace.

The songs Banner has leaked himself are "9MM," with Akon, Wayne and Snoop (here Wanye compares himself to Leanne Rimes), the UGK collaboration "Suicide Doors", "Speaker" again with Akon and Wayne and then "K.O.".

I need to remember to check Banner's myspace more often, on March 12th he posted a bulletin that read the following:
help me with a title to my new album
if we pick your's you will win a biggggggggggggggg surprise
As one would expect the responses were brilliant, check them out here.