Monday, September 18, 2006

"Do you want me to SLAM IT?! Crowd: YEAAAA!" - an Exposé on NBA rappers

"...Every basketball player wants to be a rapper and every rapper wants to be a basketball player." - Shaquille O'Neal on the why he raps and why he thinks rappers want to play basketball

Ballers crossing into the rap game have provided some classic moments in rap history, usually not for their lyrical prowess, but classic none the less..
Today provides a look into some of the recognizable
names who have played both sides of the field.

Obviously Shaq has been instrumental into this crossover from his work with Fu Schnickens to now. Check this track from Kay Slays mixtape reworking Shaq's 1996 classic.

Bun B, Ft. Shaq Diesel and Papoose - Can't Stop the Reign 2006

Troy Hudson, aka T-hud and his Nutty Boyz have been dropping some of their crunk infused music for awhile now, highlighted in 2004 as the soundtrack for the Wolves Western Conference run with "Shut 'em down" (most of us Wolves fans wish everyday that T-Hud would Shut it down.) T-hud's first record "Undrafted" was supposed to come out this summer, but like a real rapper he's record relase is delayed. In the meantime we have this bit of fire to chew on.

T-Hud Ft. UGK and Static Major - Never Thought

Jewelz, no, not Juelz is probably the most successful player in the hoops/rap game. This is mainly cause he carries the most street cred, but A.I has disappointed with his effort in the rap game after focusing so hard early on. He attempted to drop a record in 2000, but never released it due to the controversy his single caused. In 2001 after giving up his attempts to rep hard in the the rap game, and drop an album, A.I. was voted M.V.P.

Allen Iverson (aka Jewelz) - 40 bars

Most of us probably can't remember this foray into rap, but Kobe had a full record recorded with guests such as Beanie Sigel and Destiny's Child. It was dropped by Columbia due to it's lack of quality. Mamba is cold blooded on the court just like he is dropping 12 bars. Here is a review of the single K.O.B.E. and the b-side Thug Poet.
Check Kobe's aborted single out featuring this hot opening line.
"Uh, what I live for? Basketball, beats and broads
From Italy to the US, yes, it's raw"

Kobe Bryant - K.O.B.E. ft Tyra Banks

Here is a very rare video of Kobe performing for the first (and only?) time, with Tyra too. A must see. Still-Listen European fans will appreciate watching Kobe bust flows in what I think is Italian?
K.O.B.E. live

The attention given to BBaller/Rappers today is in honor of Queensbridge's Ronnie Artest whose new CD 'My World' is dropping soon. I love Ron, he plays the best D in the league hands down. He can guard PGs and PF's equally as well and I don't blame him at all for Detroit.
However.. He must take full responsibility for his rap career..

Ron Artest - Get Low Ft. Mike Jones

Ron Artest - Not Easy

Also, if your down with hoops, this Mike James interview is the funniest interview ever. Here.

I can't believe the Reignman, the Man-Child, might be coming back. Isn't he like 300 pounds?